artist statement

In my recent work, I have been concerned with the increasing digitisation of our lives, the effects of the internet on relationships, and our relationship with the internet, itself. Using the ‘pure’ human voice as source material, provides clear communication of concepts of social digitisation through digital audio manipulation of sound through time and space.

My work articulates questions about the relationships between each other, society, and with the technologies that infiltrate our daily lives, often mediating personal relationships and transforming the socio-political dynamics of the world. Through conceptual audiovisual installation art, I present immersive experiences that challenge the perceptions of accepted routines, bringing people together into spaces to contemplate human interaction.


Using highly synchronised sound and visuals to effectively communicate these issues allows for physical experiences that envelop the visitor within the installation space and live audiovisual performances. My audiovisual systems are designed with generative elements, creating fluid, ever-evolving, human experiences.



PJ Davy (b. 1981) is a London-based multimedia artist, composer, and performer of experimental music.  His work focuses on sound & light installations, generative audio-visual compositions, his ‘space-time transition’ experimental music, and live improvised audio-visual performances.


Since experimenting with sampling and music production programming from the age of 14, he has had numerous releases and featured on renowned UK progressive house label Renaissance, been the recipient of the South UK’s Vinyl Meltdown award, and received BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix airplay of various compositions. His practice now negotiates disciplines and media, communicating concepts and sensory experiences through concerns of the intersection of technology and society.


His live audio-visual improvisations have been performed along the south coast of the UK, with DJ performances and residencies held across the UK, and Europe. PJ was nominated by the University of Brighton for the Platform Graduate Award 2018, for his installation, Heads in The Cloud.