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When The World Turns: Oily Cart (2023)

A sustainable, sensory collaboration between Oily Cart (UK) and Polyglot Theatre (AUS).

We’re growing a new world.

Inside a living, breathing world, featuring hundreds of real plants, an adventure is waiting for you. Set from dusk until dawn, listen with all your senses as the world around you comes to life with music, scents, sounds and shadows.

When the World Turns reflects and celebrates each child’s way of being in the world. In this new environment, we’re all connected parts of an inclusive ecosystem. The world will be different because you are here.

When the World Turns is performed in two different versions: for disabled young people who experience the most barriers to access (children who are wheelchair users who have been labelled as having profound and multiple learning difficulties), and for babies aged 0-12 months.

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